you found it. make your picks.

instructions: pick the winners of 21 elections. that’s it.

players will earn the # of points next to each winning candidate they pick. Candidate points are based on candidate odds. Upset picks are worth more points than favorites. Players earn no points for picking a losing candidate. Whoever gets the most points wins.

players will submit their official picks through this site between October 19th and 26th, before the election on November 3rd. Instructors, if you plan to use the game for teaching, please let us know here.

(updated) can you beat the experts?

make your official picks (until 10/26)

use these links for help and to simulate point totals.

points calculator with pictures

points calculator with no pictures

election forecasts and resources

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below are the 21 elections for this year’s tournament

All races have been called by the game organizers.
Thank you for playing! We will see you in 2022.

Michigan’s 3rd congressional district

(called WINNER)
Peter Meijer, Republican: 4 points

Hilary Scholten, Democrat: 6 points

Maine senate seat

(called WINNER)
Susan Collins, Republican (Incumbent): 6 points

Sara Gideon, Democrat: 4 points

Utah’s 4th congressional district

Ben McAdams, Democrat (Incumbent): 4 points

(called WINNER)
Burgess Owens, Republican: 6 points

New Jersey congressional district 3

(called WINNER)
Andy Kim, Democrat (incumbent): 4 points

David Richter, Republican: 6 points

Illinois congressional district 13

(called WINNER)
Rodney Davis, Republican (incumbent): 4 points

Betsy Londrigan, Democrat: 6 points

Texas congressional district 24

Candace Valenzuela, Democrat: 6 points

(called WINNER)
Beth Van Duyne, Republican: 4 points

New Mexico congressional district 2

Xochitl Torres Small, Democrat (incumbent): 4 points

(called WINNER)
Yvette Herrell, Republican: 6 points

Georgia congressional district 6

(called WINNER)
Lucy McBath, Democrat (incumbent): 4 points

Karen Handel, Republican: 6 points

Iowa senate seat

Theresa Greenfield, Democrat: 4 points

(called WINNER)
Joni Ernst, Republican (incumbent): 6 points

California congressional district 39

Gil Cisneros, Democrat (incumbent): 3 points

(called WINNER)
Young Kim, Republican: 7 points

New York congressional district 2

(called WINNER)
Andrew Gabarino, Republican: 3 points

Jackie Gordon, Democrat: 7 points

Georgia Senate

Jon Ossof, Democrat: 7 points

(called WINNER)
David Perdue, Republican (incumbent): 3 points

Washington congressional district 3

(called WINNER)
Jamie Herrera Beutler, Republican (incumbent): 3 points

Carolyn Long, Democrat: 7 points

Arizona senate seat

Martha McSally, Republican (incumbent): 7 points

(called WINNER)
Mark Kelly, Democrat: 3 points

New Jersey congressional district 2

(called WINNER)
Jeff Van Drew, Republican (incumbent): 3 points

Amy Kennedy Democrat: 7 points

Montana senate seat

(called WINNER)
Steve Daines, Republican (incumbent): 3 points

Steve Bullock, Democrat: 7 points

Colorado senate seat

Cory Gardner, Republican (Incumbent): 8 points

(called WINNER)
John Hickenlooper, Democrat: 2 points

South Carolina senate seat

(called WINNER)
Lindsey Graham, Republican (incumbent): 2 points

Jaime Harrison, Democrat: 8 points

Kansas congressional district 3

(called WINNER)
Sharice Davids, Democrat (incumbent): 2 points

Amanda Adkins, Republican: 8 points

Colorado congressional district 3

(called WINNER)
Lauren Boebert, Republican: 2 points

Diane Mitsch Bush, Democrat: 8 points

United States President

(called WINNER)
Joe Biden, Democrat: 3 points

Donald Trump, Republican (Incumbent): 7 points

Tiebreaker 1: Choose the state with the closest % popular presidential vote: absolute value(%R-%D)

Michigan: 6 points to your total
Pennsylvania: 6 points to your total
Nevada: 6 points to your total
Wisconsin: 5 points to your total
North Carolina: 5 points to your total
Ohio: 5 points to your total
Arizona: 5 points to your total
Georgia: 4 points to your total (called winner .002488 diff)
Florida: 4 points to your total
Texas: 3 points to your total
Iowa: 3 points to your total
any other state: 2 points to your total

Tiebreaker 2: The electoral college vote difference between Trump and Biden: absolute value (E.C. vote difference)

Number between 0-538

EC difference is 74 = abs|306-232|

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